Have you ever wanted to try Varifocals and worried they would be an expensive mistake?

We understand that at DJ Preston Opticians.  Not all Varifocals are created equal.  We use Zeiss varifocals as our premium lens as we believe they are the best.  So confident are we in our varifocals we offer a free varifocal trial

How does the trial work?

If you need a eye test we will do that (which may be subject to a charge if you are not eligible for a NHS eye test) but if you have had a eye test in the last 6 months just bring the prescription with you (or if you have not got it we can ring your opticians to get them to send it to us).  After you pick your frame our opticians will then measure you for the varifocals. We then send your glasses to be made up (this can take up to 2 weeks since Zeiss lenses come from Germany) and arrange a time with you for them to be collected.  During the collection, we schedule you for a return appointment in one week when you can either return the glasses or pay for them.  It's that simple.

How do I book in for this amazing offer?

Follow the link below to book an appointment, selecting "Free Varifocal Trial" as your appointment type:

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